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2016 Season Things…

June 2, 2016

Please take a look at some of the updates to the rules this year.

If you need access to edit the schedule, please contact us.

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IISL 2015 deadline extended and rule changes

May 25, 2015

Good news!!  We have decided to extend the registration deadline for the 2015 IISL season.  You now have until Wednesday, May 27th to get your team registered!  Visit the Google Group page for the latest emails and to access the link to register!

We have also updated some rules for the upcoming season.  Those changes are:

  1. Female fielders requirement: Instead of 3 female fielders, we will now require two female fielders. For example:
    1. 8-2
    2. 7-1
    3. 6-0
  2. Batter Recycling: All batters (MALE and FEMALE) can only bat once in the lineup.  In the past, we allowed for teams to recycle female batters.  This year we will enforce this rule.
  3. Ratio of Male:Female Batters:  Presently, the requirement is 2 Male:1 Female. We will now require a ratio of 3males:1female. If you cannot meet this requirement, an automatic out will be issued for each female you are missing. **NOTE** All fielders must bat.  For Example the batting lineup:
    1. 7-9men: 3women
    2. 4-6men: 2 women
    3. 6men:0 women  (2 automatic outs for missing women)
  4. Strike mats: We are expanding the strike zone with larger strike mats to encourage hitting.
    • It is unfortunate, but taking walks is still an issue for some teams. We realize there are some bad pitchers out there. We also realize taking walks is part of the strategy of the game. However, PLEASE REMEMBER, few of the pitchers in our league are professionals. Since most pitchers in our league are not MLB pitchers who have been training for years to throw the ball in the strike zone, AND since many of these pitchers don’t play regularly or let alone in a park district league, AND since many of these pitchers do not attend spring training with pitchers and catchers … you get the idea!!! There will be a lower percentage of strikes being thrown by our pitchers. THEY ARE NOT PROFESSIONALS! For this reason, we are expanding the strike zone and encouraging teams to swing the bat if the ball is “near” the plate. We realize that we already have a large strike zone, but a lot of frustration has been expressed because of bad pitching or strategic walks.
  5. 2-2 count in the fifth inning: Reminder, regular season this is optional.  During Tourney this will be enforced.
  6. Pitching arc: Reminder, pitching arc is 6′ to 14′. During Tourney, the umpires will enforce this.
  7. Base running: Reminder, catcher must stand “IN FRONT” of the plate when receiving a ball to make a play, runners should avoid sliding if a collision is the most likely end result and, finally, runners should not run over fielders even if they are in the middle of the base path.
  8. Tourney Roster:  All players can only commit to one roster. No exceptions.

This season will be a great one…you don’t want to miss it!  Get your team together and register!

Pictures are Up!

August 26, 2013

Hello Everyone,

Please forward this email onto your church members.
Follow the link found in the media section. You should be able to download any of the photos free of charge.
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