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Captain’s Meeting 5/18 – 4PM – Canaan

May 15, 2008

First off, the IISL 2008 season is right around the corner, and the we are excited to get the season going!  We have to tie up some loose ends this upcoming meeting, but before the meeting, please send your contact information.  An email with the following info would suffice:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Team-Church
  • League

Here is the agenda for the next meeting.  It will only be for an hour.

  1. Introductions – Sang
  2. Rules  Clarification – Sang
    1. Spinning rule
    2. Ratio games played – 50% with exception from pastor requests
    3. Trust captains – code of conduct and waiver to be held by captains. Before playoffs collect.
    4. Cone rule for B and C – 150ft.
  3. Schedule handout/discussion – John

    1. Fields
    2. Scheduling
    3. Tourney Date – 8/30
  4. Budget handout – Sang
    1. Find out how many teams need strike mats
    2. t-shirts – Rich
  5. Website -Sang

    1. captain’s page password protected
    2. Captain’s update contact info!!!
    3. Directions to Fields
    4. Scoresheets download
  6. Questions should go to
  7. Registration

Meeting Information:
May 18 – 4:00pm
Canaan Church
1240 Greenwood Rd., Glenview, IL 60025
1st Building in parking lot – (basement)

If you cannot attend, please make arrangements with the council at

See you there,

-Leonard (Bethel)

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