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Captain’s Meeting Notes 5/22

May 23, 2008

Meeting Notes 5/18 – 4:00pm
Teams in attendance.
Evergreen (A, B)
New Life Community
New Life Chicago
Alliance Holiness
Hope Chapel

  1. Spinning rule – We communicated that it is allowed for all leagues.
  2. 50% games must be played to qualify for tournament. With Pastor’s approval.
  3. Code of conduct and liability waiver must be signed by all players for the first game. We asked all captains to do a verification before the start of the first game. (Captain’s are to maintain these records)
  4. Softball rosters, liability waivers, code of conduct will be verified before the tournament.
  5. Cone rule is in effect for B and C leagues. 150 ft.
  6. We asked for help and patience as we try to acquire fields. It’s been a challenge every year and this year the challenge is greater because we expanded to 22 teams!
  7. It’s important to stick to the original schedule as much as possible because of the double headers built in. IF a team needs to reschedule then that must be done between the captains of those teams. However, it should be communicated to the ISL council.
  8. Discussed the budget and the costs of these fields. People were surprised on the cost but softball fields are expensive considering the frequency of games.
  9. Shared the website password for captains contact list.
  10. Council needs to order approx. 10 strikemats. Send out link for softball purchase.
  11. Need to add to the website the “ASA banned bat list”. (Leonard)
  12. The website will have all captain’s contact info, field directions, scoresheets, etc.
  13. John will send out the final schedule. There were some edits he needed to make.
  14. We agreed to start games at 3pm rather than 2:30pm. This means that some games will end at 6:30pm.
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