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Playoff Details

June 19, 2008

This year has been a challenge scheduling all of our games and arranging for fields to play.  The council met this past week to discuss the logistics for our post season.  In the past we moved from a one day single elimination tournament to a double elimination tournament.  This year we plan to continue with the double elimination format but extend the playoffs to three weeks.  The playoff format would look like the following:

Playoffs – Aug. 24 (Sun, 3-6pm), MG, Buffalo Grove, Aon
Playoffs – Aug. 30 (Sat. 9am – 5 or 6pm) – Olympic field (5 fields)
Championship – Sept. 6 (Sat. 4 pm – 9pm) – Olympic field (1 field) – Lights

There were several reasons we decided to move to a 3 week format:

  • Moved to double elimination to avoid one and out scenario
  • Trying to have A,B, and C leagues in one location
  • One day tournament with 20 teams is not possible
  • Playing more than 2 games in a day is challenging both logistically and physically for teams
  • Encourage spectators for championship games

In order for this to work, we will need to make the following changes:

  • W-L record and point differential will determine top teams
    • League A – all 6 teams will make playoffs
    • League B – top 7 teams will make playoffs
    • League C – all 7 teams will make playoffs
  • Forfeits will be recorded as 15-0 loss.
  • Final games and location will be determined one week before playoffs.

We understand these are big changes and hope that you will help us communicate these changes to your respective teams. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at  We will arrange another captain’s meeting sometime in August.  Until then, please make every effort to get your games completed and recorded on the master schedule.

Thanks everyone,

-Leonard (Bethel)

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