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Playoff Announcements

August 20, 2008

Hello Captains,

With the 2008 season coming to a close, we are two weeks away from the playoffs.  The council met this past Monday to iron out the details for the playoffs.

  • All teams will be responsible for their own lunch
  • All Captains will be umpiring 1st day.  Please plan accordingly.
  • All games for A will be 1hour and B/Coed will be 1.25 hours (1hr 15min)
  • Playoff schedule will be finalized this weekend.  We are waiting for a few games to finish.
  • Rosters must be submitted (scanned and emailed) with Church’s pastor signature to by 9/27.  Failure to comply will result in a forfeit from the tourney.
    • Coed players can be used for A/B teams.  A/B team players cannot be moved to Coed teams.
    • Players can only commit to one playoff team.  No exceptions.
    • Before each playoff game, umpires will verify rosters.
  • Playoff teams must have a minimum of 8 players to play (Coed must have 3 women)
    • You may borrow a catcher from the opposing team to field balls but they will not be involved with any plays.
    • coed lineups must have a minimum of 3 females fielding and batting. (different from regular season)
      • Ratio is 2:1 Male to female.
  • If a team must forfeit the 2nd day of tourney, please notify the council by end of 1st day tourney.
    • Replacement team will be decided by “casting of lots”.
    • Eligible teams will be the last two teams to lose
  • If you would like to promote a multi church event please send the council an email and we can allot a few minutes for your announcement.

Tentative Schedule of Day 1 of Playoffs
8:30am – Captain’s Meeting (All captains)
9:00am – 1st round of playoffs.
Noon – Opening Ceremony/Lunch
*opening prayer
*acknowledgment of 2007 winning teams
1pm – Rest of Playoffs.

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