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Announcements Week 2

June 17, 2009

Hello Everyone,

It was great to see teams play last week.  God was very gracious with the weather!

Some things to remember:

  • Each captain should verify game date/time with the other captains. (important that everyone updates the contact list)
  • Scheduling is tight, so it’s important to play all games when scheduled.  (time is not as important).
  • Each winning team is responsible for inputting their score into the spreadsheet.
  • If a team cannot make the game, it is up to the captain of the team with a full roster to decide to reschedule or declare a forfeit.
  • Teams in B and C are required to wear helmets and the cone rule is in effect.  This is not a discussion point.
  • League finances will be distributed (granted access on googledocs) in the next week or two.  You will see where monies are distributed.  Any excessive surplus will be returned to the churches participating this year.  (over $1k)
  • If you have questions, please send to  It will be distributed to all the council members.
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