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Announcement for Week 2 Playoffs

August 17, 2009

With the unfortunate rain out last weekend, we will need to make a slight change to the playoff format this Sunday. We will complete the tournament in one day and still have the double elimination tournament. The change is the championship game will be single elimination game. Easy rule to remember: lose 2 you’re out, first team to 3 is the champion.

This decision was made because:

1. Churches cannot commit to past this Sunday
2. Field availability is limited (fall leagues start)
3. Saturday is not an option for some churches
4. 5 games would be too many for one team to play in one day.
5. Games would extend to 9pm

This weekend, please inform your teams to be available from 2-8pm. Below is a tentative schedule for this weekend’s playoffs. Look for an email from John Park with the official schedule:
League A – field 1
League B – field 2
League C – field 3

Game 1 – 2PM
#2 vs #3
Game 2 – 3PM
#1 vs #4
Game 3 – 4PM
G1L (Game 1 Loser) vs G2L (Game 2 Loser)
Game 4 – 5PM
G1W vs G2W
Game 5 – 6PM
G3W vs G4L
Game 6 – 7PM
Championship Game
G4W vs G5W

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