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Congratulations to Immanuel-A, NCPC-B, and Calvary-Coed

August 18, 2010

Hello everyone,

First off, hats off to all the captains for helping us organize the league this year. Except for a few bumps, this year was another successful year for IISL.

Just a few notes:

* Kudos to Immanuel-A, NCPC-B, and Calvary-Coed (two-peat) for winning their respective divisions. Each team displayed gutsy play and Christ-like character in their quest to the top.
* Look for a survey in the next couple of days. Your input will be very helpful in shaping the future of this league.
* Jung Park from New Life will be joining our council to help this league grow. Please send all complaints to him. =)
* We are looking for more help. Please email me if you’re interested in planning and promoting the league.
* If people have STRONG RELATIONSHIPS with park districts, we can use your help to securing fields for next year.
* Check out for Softball pictures and other information.

Special thanks (sorry no treasures in heaven for you) to Sam and John for all of the behind the scenes work. Thanks to Andy, Joe, and Sang for their valuable input.

Finally, thank to Jesus for the opportunity to serve in this capacity (as league admins) and for the opportunity for Churches to play softball with each other.

God bless you and your ministries! See you next year,


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