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Playoff Update – Coed

August 14, 2013

Captains –
The brackets are finally set. You can now view it on google drive under the “2013 Tournament” tab. If you haven’t updated any games played this last week, please check the schedule and do so ASAP. I’ll be filling in seeds and will update accordingly.

Here are the key highlights of the schedule:

1. Due to field availability and time limitations, the losers of the first round games (4 games/bottom 8 seeds) will play into a consolation bracket that guarantees the losing teams at least one more game. In other words, if you lose in the first-round you cannot win the tournament.
2. The top 4 seeds get a 1st round bye.
3. Games will be 60 minutes, which means teams will need to be ready to move into dugouts quickly, get on and off the field in between innings quickly, or risk playing 4 inning games.
4. Given the importance of the 1st round games, we strongly suggest your teams be ready to start playing at 9amsharp.
5. All teams must attend the 10 AM all teams meeting.

Please review the schedule and let me know if you have any questions.

IMPORTANT: attached are 3 MANDATORY forms that every team must submit before their first game.

1. Player waiver – each player must sign
2. Code of Conduct – each player must sign
3. Team Roster – no signatures needed, just names of all players playing on Saturday

We will disqualify any team that does not have the signed documents so please make sure you have them turned in at the captain’s meeting.

The league rules are posted at under the Rules and Regulations link. A couple of key rules to remember:

1. Batters can not step in front of the plate when hitting the ball. This is an automatic out.
2. Runners that are inside the foul line after crossing first base are considered in play and can be tagged out unless the ump has called time.
3. There is no limit to the number of batters you can have in the lineup but all players that play in the field must be in the batting lineup.
4. Strong suggestion: Please avoid visits to the pitcher, huddles, or other delays and have your batters on-deck and ready to hit so each game plays as many innings as possible!

1. Each team will be responsible for taking care of their own lunch and drinks.
2. This is a church league and we want a positive experience for everybody involved. Let’s honor God in our behavior and really encourage fellowship. Please keep this perspective throughout the day.
3. Stay hydrated all day. In case we have a really hot day, please remind your teams to drink lots of fluids throughout the day.
4. For those older players, Ben Gay might be a good idea…

If you have any final questions, please let me know. Thanks again for your patience for the schedule. We look forward to a great day of softball on Saturday.

In Christ,

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