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About IISL


The purpose of the Illinois Interchurch Softball League (IISL) is to provide an opportunity for churches in the Chicagoland area to participate in Christian fellowship through an organized sports.

ISL Council

The IISL Council oversees general operations, coordinates the scheduling of games and tournaments, and ensures compliance with rules and regulations.The IISL Council will also consist of a volunteer pastor to mediate inter-church issues.

The League nor council, nor representatives, nor any team or field owner will be held legally responsible for injuries, accidents, or damages occurring at games.The IISL Council reserves the right to suspend teams or players for not complying with IISL rules. The IISL Council reserves the right to make changes to rules and league format.


Each team must designate at least one captain. The names, addresses, and phone numbers of these persons must be supplied in writing to the IISL Council for inclusion in the league schedules. The team captain will be responsible for his/her team’s compliance to the IISL rules and regulations.Captains will also act as a proxy for all communications between teams and the IISL council.

Teams are required to pay an entrance fee prior to the start of the league schedule, and must meet all of its financial obligations from the previous season before it may be admitted for the new season. Any team or player may be subject to review by the league officers for possible disqualification or suspension in cases of alleged failure to abide by league rules.


The idea of IISL is to have fellowship in a Christ-like way. We hope that all participants keep that in mind when becoming involved. Although the games may become intense, you can still be competitive while maintaining good Christian character and sportsmanship. With this said, any behavior deemed unacceptable by the IISL council may result in suspension and/or ejection from a game or the league. All decisions will involve the pastor of player’s church and the IISL council.

All players will be required to sign a waiver form and code of conduct to play in the IISL. Each team captain will be responsible to maintain these records.

Players may only be on one tean roster during the season and must play in 50% of regular season games to be eligible for the tournament. Team rosters will need to be submitted to the IISL during registration. For players that are added to a team during the season must be emailed to the council at

League Policies
During the regular season, games are to be played within  75 minutes for Coed league games. (warm up time is included)

Batting helmets and pitcher’s mask is recommended for all Coed league games.The spirit of this rule is to protect base runners from errant throws.  In addition, the IISL will require Coed league games to implement the cone rule (150feet). All outfielders must remain behind the chalked and/or coned “outfield line” when a female is up to bat or have the roamer stand with both feet on 2nd base. In most cases the cone should be placed approximately 2 ½ times the distance of the basepaths (65 feet).

If your team forfeits a game during the season, the following rules apply:

First Offense: Loss of game and warning issued.

Second Offense: Loss of game and IISL reserves the right to remove team from playoffs.

Third Offense: Removal from the league.

If you know in advance that your team is going to forfeit a game, we encourage you to first contact the opposing team’s captain.  If no resolution is made, please contact the IISL council to help schedule your opponent a game.  We will require that you notify the opposing team’s captain a 48 hour notification (Friday). 

Teams have until ten minutes past the designated start time to field a full squad (minimum numbers of players required to play according to the rules). Refer to rules regarding men/woman batting ratio. Anything less then the minimum must be approved by the opposing team.

Details to follow

League Cancellations/Rainouts
Leagues may be cancelled due to existing weather conditions, dangerous or unplayable field conditions, facility constraints, etc. IISL will make every effort to play all scheduled games, thus we will not cancel games until absolutely necessary. Therefore, if you are calling concerning a decision on a cancellation, remember we will not have an answer until close to the start of the games.

If games are cancelled, IISL will change the voicemail immediately (TBD). The IISL council will then attempt to call all of the captains. Depending on the time of cancellation, some teams will have to be notified on site. If we do cancel, follow next week’s schedule (ex. If June 15 is cancelled teams should follow the June 22 schedule for their next game). The games that are cancelled will be made up during the open weeks or at the end of the season if time allows. In extreme circumstances, IISL reserves the right to run a shortened season without a refund of schedule matches on days other than our regularly scheduled league day/night.


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