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IISL Softball Update

July 11, 2013

Captains –
I hope everyone is having a great season so far. Some friendly reminders:

1. Scores – winning team captains are responsible for updating the spreadsheet with the results from their games. Please go update as soon as possible. The standings page is not auto calculating records so we will update periodically. If someone is an excel whiz and can help fix this so it automatically updates when scores are posted, please let me know.

2. Games – please let me know if any teams are having issues with the schedule. I don’t see many scores posted so I’m hoping that does not mean games have not been played.

3. Fields – let me know if any of you have had issues finding open fields to play your games. Also, if you know of good fields to play on, please share the info with other captains.

4. Tournament – we are about a month away from the tournament. Please let me know if you will NOT be able to participate so we can adjust the brackets accordingly. I will send out more details about the tournament as the date approaches.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. as the season progresses. Thanks for your participation in the league. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the tournament.


2013 IISL Teams

May 17, 2013

Captains –

Couple of updates:

1. We will be keeping the same format as last season. The majority of captains voted to keep the format the same. We will revisit this again in the off-season.
2. Restoration will be part of the Co-ed League not the Open League.
3. Evergreen will be added to the Open League
Update coming soon with schedule and fees. Please start staking out field locations for your home games.

Updated (and hopefully final) list of teams in both divisions:

Open League
1. Bethel Christian
2. Bethel Presbyterian
3. Immanuel
4. Calvary 1
5. Calvary 2
6. Lakeview
7. Evergreen
8. Redemption (to confirm by Sunday)
Co-ed League
1. New Community – Suburb
2. Church of Christ Presbyterian
3. New Community – City
4. Harvest
5. Living Water
6. Immanuel Community Church
7. Parkwood
8. Calvary
9. Restoration
10. Vineyard
11. Redemption (to confirm by Sunday)
We will be working on the schedules this weekend and hope to have them finalized by next week. If you have any questions, please let me know.
Have a great weekend.

Welcome to the 2013 ISL season!

April 26, 2013

Captains –

I hope you and your teams have enjoyed the off-season because it’s time to get back out on the fields. We’re looking forward to another great season of fellowship and friendly competition. Below are instructions on how to register your team for this season and other important information about the league. We are using the same format as last season with a regular season and a 1 day tournament, tentatively scheduled for Saturday, August 17. We are also evaluating the option of having a 2 day tournament with no regular season (day 1 would be a seeding round of games in July and day 2 would be a single elimination tourney in August. Teams would be responsible for setting up scrimmages with other teams on their own if they want.). There is a survey question on the registration for you to provide input on this alternative format. Please note, it would increase the cost per team as we would have to reserve the fields for an extra day. Also, if you are interested in helping with the management of the league, please let us know.
League details: 1) There will be 2 leagues like last season: Open League and Co-Ed league. The main objective for both leagues is fellowship but the Open League is for teams that have more experienced softball players. The Co-Ed league is for less experienced players and also has requirements for female players in the lineup. 2) The tentative schedule for the season is June 2nd through August 4th for the regular season and a tournament date of August 17th. The tournament will be held at Olympic Park in Schaumburg (same fields as last year). 3) Each team will have a minimum of 6 regular season games (to be confirmed). Like last season, home team captains will be responsible for finding an available field and coordinating with the other captain. We looked into reserving fields for regular season games but we were not able to secure anything for this season. 4) The league fees are TBD due to field availability and the number of teams. (we estimate $200 per team) If you have any questions concerning the league, please feel free to email cou… and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you. For more information on the league:
Registration does not commit you to this league. It is to inform the council of how many teams to expect so that we can plan accordingly. Once we determine this, we will update all registered teams so they can decide whether they would like to play in the ISL 2013 season. Payment information will be announced later.
Thanks for your continued participation and support of the league.
The ISL Council


August 27, 2012

Hello Everyone,

I am happy to announce the 1st and 2nd place winners for both the Co-ed and Open Leagues.
For the Co-ed League:
1st Place – Harvest
2nd Place – Restoration Community Church of Naperville
“It was a good game. There was a steady drizzle throughout, but we were able to get the game in.  The final score was 17-4 in 5 innings. Though it was wet, nobody was seriously hurt.  The trophy finally comes back to Harvest!”  – Jacob, Harvest Captain
“Both sides played well, I’m just glad no one was seriously hurt…It looks like the young guys came through today but we’ll get them next year!” – Steve, RCC Captain
For the Open League:
1st Place – Calvary Red (The Old timers)
2nd Place – Calvary Blue (Young Guns)
“The old guys (CEC Red) pulled off the win this afternoon 19-7. Great weather, good game, and good fellowship. In the end, we all won and that’s all that matters….” – Joe, Calvary Red Captain.
“We let them win.  We couldn’t bear to have their spirits crushed again for another year.  Next time we’ll play for real and show them a new sheriff is in town.” – Al, Calvary Blue Captain.
Other news:
  • Thanks everyone for your help this year.  Special thanks to Joe, Andy, John for all their help.
  • Surveys will be sent out shortly.  It’s important for you to provide us feedback.
  • Photo gallery – I have more photos (some blurry) that I will put on a central server for you to access…stay tuned
  • Please like our facebook page @
Take care everyone!

2012 IISL Tourney FINAL

August 6, 2012

Hello Everyone!

It was a hot and humid day and we had a great turnout for the event.  Thank you all again for participating and showing your support.  If you are interested in helping out the council next year (as some of you already volunteered!) please let us know.
Final Standings
Championship games: Calvary vs. Calvary – TBD
3rd Place – Immanuel
4th Place – Bethel – IP
Championship games: Harvest vs. Restoration Community Church of Naperville – TBD
3rd Place – NCPC Chicago
4th Place – Church of Christ
The championship games will be conducted at a later date and information about the winners will be emailed to all of you.
We have pictures from the tournament ready for you to download.  Please follow this link:!i=2007120431&k=vMF3kz7  with the Password:  PraiseJesus
In order for me to get a dedicated page for IISL, help us by liking us on facebook:
More information to follow!

Tourney Update

August 1, 2012
Hello Everyone,
All the results from the regular season are in and the playoff schedule is complete.  It can be viewed at 2012 IISL Schedule.  Please note, the Standings page does not account for Head to Head, the first tie-breaker.  It will be adjusted for later, but the playoff seedings on the Playoff Schedule page accurately reflects all tie-breakers.
Captains of the four teams playing at 9am must be at the field by no later than 8:45AM so we can go over rules for the day.  All other captains for both the Co-ed and Open League must be at the field by 10:00AM for the captains meeting to go over rules.
We will be having a short program (all churches) with opening prayer at 10:30am.  Please have your churches be present for thisolympic inspired ceremony.  We will have an opening prayer together and a few announcements.
In regards to lunch, each team will be responsible for their own lunch and beverages.  We have scheduled games so that each team will have a one hour break between 11am-2pm.  Please check the schedule and plan your lunch times accordingly.
We will have at all 5 fields available, but practice usage will be 1st come-1st serve. Be mindful of the fact that there is limited space and a lot of teams.  Therefore keep your time short and be open to sharing the field with other teams. (For hitting practice, each team can use 1st or 3rd base as home plate)
Lastly, in the event of rain please plan to resume the tournament on Sunday August 5 at 2pm.  If you have any other questions, email your respective commissioners.
See you Saturday!
-John Park

8/4 Tourney Information

July 26, 2012

Hello everyone!

As we approach the 8/4 single-elimination tournament, we need your help recording your games into the IISL spreadsheet.  We will be using this information to seed your respective teams for the 8/4 tournament.
For those of you new to the league, the 8/4 tournament will be officiated and played according to the ASA slow-pitch rules.  All games will be held between 9am-5pm and be played at: Olympic Fields, 1675 E. Old Schaumburg Road, Schaumburg. (  We hope to finalize the tourney schedule by Tuesday next week.
This year, we will be conducting two special events at this year’s tournament:
1. A voter registration drive
2. A bone marrow donor drive
Voter Registration Drive
KA VOICE (Korean American Voter Organizing Initiative & Community Empowerment) will be present to register voters. KA VOICE is a non-profit, non-partisan volunteer group of Korean Americans working to encourage voting by the community so that Korean Americans’ political voice is heard this election year. For more info, visit:
Bone Marrow Donor Drive
Representatives from LifeSource will be on hand to register people in the National Marrow Donor Program. As many of you know, one of Calvary’s church members had a son who recently needed a bone marrow transplant. He was fortunate to find a match and successfully receive a donation, but had some complications afterwards and passed away. His situation shed light on the fact that Asians are far less likely to find a bone marrow donor because of there are so few donors registered. There will be tables set up at the tournament and we’re asking each captain to invite family and friends and church members to come and register. The process of registering is very simple and should only take a few minutes of your time.  More information to follow.
Look for another email about details of the tournament.  Good luck everyone and have a blessed week.